Morag Macdonald - Professional Engagement

In Morag's Tutorial we learn the importance of the first year being a self-Employer, register with the TR as self-employed, the marketing around us, the Income Tax VAL, the Industry sustainability. The Importance of pricing our job correctly and understand about, the single person minimum income standing that is £7000 and that I need live about it the live comfortable, even if I know it will be difficult in the first year. And finally, the SEO and how it is important to have more work.


In the first lesson that I been, as I missed the one before Christmas, we talk about the social media and how important it is to promote our work also we had a look at Morag’s work (business cards, leaflets etc…) and the importance of our website.


Now I understand the importance of bee register as self-employer at HMRC and submit the TR in the first year of the self-employment even if I hope to be a sole trader and having the opportunity to work and have freedom over my own actions, and I now Understand the importance of the VAT that is currently charge at 20% and that I having to register my Vat taxable is more that £85.000.


The Importance of pricing my work correctly is one of most important tasks, I know that if I do not price correctly my work I will be devaluing myself and devaluing all the photographers that are trying to stand up in the market for been reliable professionals, as it passes the wrong message that we can do the work for less.


SEO, the importance of writing on my blog/website to attract the right clients, draw the attention of the right people that I want to look at my work.


Finally, the calculation of the living cost where I found out how to work with the spreadsheet table and calculate my living minimum income as a single person, now I am sure that I am almost ready to register as a self-employer, even if I do not explain much here I really know.