Professional Practice 1

From now on is James that will run this sessions ( professional practice). obviously we can tell straight away that James is much more respected from everyone in class.

We/ I have been told to keep posting on Instagram and obviously need to post weekly into the journals.

Be able to organize an exhibition, preparing the text to go with the work or even updating our CVs is something I need to do, so James will making sure that we all are ready to go into the field of photography. 


Next Weeks/Months I will need to start thinking where I want to go with photography, looking to people's websites where I can apply. Individual tutorials, face-time sessions, skills, taxes, copyright, case studies, press-cards, stoke images, contracts, licenses, pricing, portfolios, smoking mirrors, internships, marketing, agencies, publishing and ethics will be what James will cover on his sessions. 


Thirteen years ago never thought about photography, I was so much into Art (drawing and painting), I never that realized every time that I went for a 60 miles ride on my bicycle and all those pictures I took for a potential painting, were actually my first story telling , my own path into photography.


Thirteen year after I am sure that my subject will be around people's lives, new cultures, different ways of living and different countries is what's calling me.

Photojournalism, storytelling, travelling, events, political  manifestations, or even teaching is a option for after University, as also further education but maybe Social Anthropology.


Making work that speaks into the world , for the world.


Think Bigger