Professional practice 3 - Visualisation



How do I stay Alive in the photography world? Is one of many interrogations plays in my head whole time. Choose my path, where I want to go, the right way will be vital but is still so much to think about as I cannot just choose what I want to do and do it. James talked as it is easy to go for what we believe but, where to go! what to do! How to go!


Post-graduation education, photographic technician in a processing lab or University, picture agency or even freelance photographer its a few thinks I already thought about but the decision is crucial, the session 3 made feel so much confuse.


As Portuguese what I expect working in UK? Applying to British Citizenship is on plan, as I been living and working here for 6 year in May, within Brexit coming up every is changing, not just me but the way people in Britain think about us.


Obviously last few years, since I start University, I discovered the passion of photographing people, portraiture, storytelling, photojournalism, Social Photography, traveling to meet tribes and cultures so different from mine.


where I see myself in 3 months’ time after University


The career of an adventurous photographer is not for everyone, just in relation to the challenges tastes and is not shake with obstacles if you just like taking pictures and do not want any commitment to the bureaucratic part of a successful business, opt to develop Career in Photography as a Freelancer.



The first and one of the most important steps for a business plan in photography. Our goal is to draw as much detail as possible about ourselves, not just as a photographer but also as a person. The result can tell a lot about our current career and also provide a map for decision making. we must find our "I Am."


For a business plan is to understand our relationship with photography. Put it on paper and do a self-analysis of the reasons why I want to be a professional photographer and even identify for what reasons I am not in a better position.

In a further stage of Awareness, putting the threats and their differentials in the paper will give me an overview of the current situation for decision making in the stage of Action, which is the development of the business plan itself.


Financial management is the foundation for the health of a business. Spending too much or investing wrong can be a huge problem. Moreover, it is important to know how to correctly calculate the values for your work and get the annual overview of our exact financial.



Branding is everything that represents your brand in the market. Behind us we talk about your desire in brand positioning, here is my representation and all actions should go according to my goal.


Career choice 1 – photojournalism

My first career choice is photojournalism but not as a self-employed working for a media organization is my goal, organizations like BBC, the guardian, telegraph or just a local paper.

At this point I have big decisions to make, stay or not in England, go to a different country or go back to Portugal where the photographer work is valued as it should be.


The career of photojournalist brings together a set of characteristics related to photography and journalism at the same time and I know Photojournalism is still an expanding activity but presents a considerable number of professionals, which can be a factor that makes the market competitive for those like me, that just finish a degree so with less experience, it is a career that can bring some risks, especially when dealing with direct contact with more complicated situations, such as conflict coverage, for example.


 The main reason to choose this as my main career choice is to capture images, analogue or digital, of people, facts, and true stories of their lives. The choice demands not only technical mastery, but historical and artistic knowledge, sensitivity and critical density in the way to deal with people.


Career Choice 2 – self-employed photographer

The second career plan is go into the market of self- employed photography where I don’t want to really as I been there before and don’t want to have the responsibility of taxes for now.  

 never thought of starting a business, it is true that this may even scare me, managing my own company at first seems to be synonymous with headache and being away from the artistic profession of photography. But know that it is one of the best options to formalize my career and be able to receive what I create and be independent.



Career Choice 3 -- teaching


Teaching is my third career choice, as I child care I do enjoy teaching and it is a option, wondered how to become a teacher. This is the ideal career for those who like to teach, but mainly to learn. It is that the teaching professional does more than convey his knowledge. With each new encounter with the students, he increases his own baggage of experiences.



However, it is not enough just will. To teach, I need to be prepared, constantly updated so for that reason before even thing about a teaching career need to do Masters, not in photography but been think about do in few years’ time Masters in Anthropology, as I am passionate about people.