competition & CV writing

In this session we talked about the importance to watch out for those competitions where we, most of the times don’t look at the small print, we need to make sure we read it and ensure that we are aware of our potential commitments, exhibitions, books, interviews and even our time, ensure that we have the image rights as there are few competitions that you loose it. So, make sure we ready the small prints.

I am aware that there is a lot of people that always got second intentions, special when, in my case, I am a woman, it seems to happen quite a lot to me for the last few year, where I had to stop a project or go to places because got people saying thing very unappropriated, this people think we would do whatever to get into we want. Now I know where to go if it happens again, hopefully not #MeToo .  

Enter competitions < I know  the importance of it, that I should enter as is very beneficial for my portfolio, at moment  not been doing it as money is a barrier, as well words, I do struggle to write what I do think or what my work is about, struggle to put thoughts down or expressed myself , 500 or even 120 words are enormous when English is not your mother tongue and you have nobody to help read prove it for me.


The CV writing, I understood that having my CV up to date is vitally important to my career and goals, also I know that an art CV is very different of a CV used to applying for Jobs.

The art CV has to include: Name and contact, Education, Solo and group exhibitions, collections Awards, Publications and Commissions.


I understood, that for each job I will apply I should, depending the type or job application, write a different cover letter, also sometimes I will be asked to include the ordinary CV. 

Catia Cordeiro                          


Lisbon (Portugal) living in Bath, UK.


+44 7831 959 998


I am a confident and motivated documentary photographer focused on capturing the world and its social issues and injustices through my lens. 

By documenting people in their everyday life, I aim to show that irrespective of colour, race and culture there are people in the world who, with true feelings, fight every day to prevent racism and violence, not just to live but to for their survival.


I graduated in BA Photography from Bath Spa University in 2019.


2019: End of project Photography Exhibition, Documentary Series Selassie's Legacy; Bath.


2019: Degree Show Exhibition, Documentary Series Windrush; Bath.



2019: Graduation Photography Exhibition Form; London.

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