Branding and Marketing

The importance of marketing and branding is vital for business, for my career, the photographer I was before university, is not the photographer now after all, within it the website and business cards changed too.

I know some of the basics of branding is keep simply easy, try do not complicate it, as can be very busy to look at so making it relatively dull.


The ways we dress up is heavily important too, obviously we should not go for a job interview dress up very messy or like a “rock star”. The way we speak, the way we should show up, what we show on websites, blogs and social media, we need to ensure that we promoting a professional persona, authenticating who we are as photographers, be confident in what we do, how we do it. Don’t be afraid to ask, as if you don’t, you will never going to get it, above all be polite, concise and special be honest,  show that is you the one behind the work, show life on all you do.