There are deep in the souls of each one of us, something beautiful and at the same time primitive, what defined and shaped us in the past is today lost in the adjustment to modern customs and social roles imposed on us by rules and unrelated traditionalism. These restrictions create a cloud which covers our spirit and takes us more and more away from the truth.

 There are however people escaping the rules and deciding to reach the unknown by seeing the glow in the eyes of people on this planet. This glow reveals souls, cultures and stories to be told.

With this purpose in mind I created a photographic project and ravelled to Brazil. Here I documented an indigenous tribe called Maxakali. They live in limbo between civilization "as we know it", and he millenary cultures inherited from their ancestors.

An environment between the cell phone and the ancient rituals lives, translated into colours, sounds, smells and different tastes.

The project aims to show the difficulties of a people being trapped by urbanisation and modern agricultural: to show that despite all of this, you can, reveal through a small crack, the brightness of the eyes that indicate all the beauty, pain and joy through colours and shapes ... freeze souls in clicks and moments.

© 2019 Catia Cordeiro Photography